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Care Home Visits

Care home visit
Care managers help advocate for you or a loved one. We’ll spend time talking with them, observing their care, and following up with their caregiver or health care provider to ensure the best quality of care.

The care manager can step in to help families resolve any concerns about their loved one’s care. A care manager will take the time to build a relationship with the individual and the family, and advocates for not just the client’s care but his or her rights.

New Mom Care

New mom care
Being a new mom is one of life’s most thrilling experiences, but it’s also overwhelming. Most Ancaire caregivers are moms, so we know firsthand how tough it can be.

Need a second pair of hands so you can just take a shower? We’ve been there. Let us prepare a meal, do the laundry or clean the house for you while you tend to your new baby.

Talk to us about buying caregiver time for a new mom in your life. Gift cards for new mom care make a great baby shower present!

Health Care Monitoring

Health care monitoring
Health care monitoring devices can help ensure safety in you or your love one’s home. Many of our in-home services senior clients also will supplement their hands-on care with an in-home personal emergency response system.

Ancaire uses several local companies that provide monitoring services. Some of the services provided include: wireless personal emergency response, portable alert lifesaver, cord-buddy, medication dispensers, tele-health, fall sensor pendants, key lock boxes and puff switches.

Crisis Management

Crisis management
Any in-home care provider or home health agency will tell you that a discharge from the hospital or skilled nursing facility happens at 4:45 p.m. on Fridays. It never fails. The social worker comes into the hospital room, says discharge orders have been written and your loved one is being dismissed from the hospital… now!

What do you do? Take mom home? Let her return to her home? Which skilled nursing is the best? What if mom needs help but doesn’t qualify for Medicare home health? What if mom needs equipment? We can help!!

Ancaire works with local resources to know which facilities have immediate availability. We have toured all local nursing homes and skilled care facilities, and we will let you know our recommendations for caring for loved ones. We will assist in making the transition back home, or to the home environment of your choice, as easy as possible for our clients and their families.

Family Care

Family care
When a family is struggling with an illness or injury, they need to focus on their loved one’s care — not on errands, laundry or shopping.

Let us help with day-to-day tasks, and allow family members the opportunity to care for their loved one. Gift cards are available for blocks of time or specific tasks.

Long-Distance Care Management

Long distance care management
The holidays often are the first time an adult child will notice that things just aren’t right with their parents. Maybe dad has been forgetting his medications, or mom isn’t changing her clothes daily. Many times families call us out to do an assessment at the holidays because they are only in town for a limited time. We will assess the need for services and can report back to adult children regarding their parent’s care after they have gone home or back to work.

We have helped give many families peace of mind with in-home services, care coordination, in-home safety and health care monitoring.

Long- and Short-Term Planning

Long- and short-term planning
Our owner and caregivers have vast experience working with Medicare and Medicaid. We can help our senior clients complete Medicaid applications and plan for the future, even if that future may include a long-term nursing facility placement for one or both spouses.

Just because a loved one has entered a long-term care facility does not mean a Medicaid application is warranted. Let us help you through the maze of paperwork and red tape.

Facility Reviews

Facility reviews
Ancaire helps seniors and their families find housing and care based on their unique needs and budget. We equip you with the resources to make informed decisions, save time and feel less alone as you face the many challenges of caring for your aging parents.

We work with you to understand your loved one’s needs and help you navigate through available care options to find the best fit for your family situation.

Phone Support

Phone support
We understand that taking care of a family member is not a Monday through Friday, 8-to-5 job. Ancaire offers phone support and phone monitoring for our clients and their families.

Our phones are staffed 24/7. Many times there are questions or concerns that simply can’t wait until Monday morning. We are available to answer your questions or concerns even on the weekend.

Client Assessment

Client assessment
A manager will assess your situation and how well you are managing day to day. This usually includes an evaluation of physical, psychological, mental and social functioning. It also may include a consultation with physicians. Examples of questions we may ask include:

  • “Are you able to shop for food and prepare your own meals?”
  • “If not, who helps you?”
  • “Is this help providing you with enough assistance for nutritious meals?”
  • “If not, would it be helpful to arrange for a meal delivered to your home?”

A care manager will use the information to help develop a detailed action plan for you or your loved one’s needs. Then, the care manager, you, your loved ones, or a combination of people who care about you can coordinate and monitor the services you receive. A care plan also includes regular reassessments and allows for changes as needs change.